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  • Forskningsseminarium med Linda Åhäll

Forskningsseminarium med Linda Åhäll

Linda Åhäll

Dr Linda Åhäll.

Välkommen till en öppen föresläsning med titeln: Embodied, affective, militarising movement as choreography of war. Föreläsare är dr. Linda Åhäll, Lecturer in International Relations vid Keele University. 

  • How do stories of past wars influence everyday life?
  • How are we made to feel about stories of war?
  • And how are feelings about war political?

This talk draws on two examples from the UK where military moves disrupt civilian spaces in the everyday: an arts project commemorating the Battle of the Somme, and a football game taking place during Remembrance week. It argues that by paying attention to the intersecting political sphere of bodies, affect and movement – through the metaphor of ‘dance’ – we are not only able to understand how security operates as a logic reproducing the militarisation of the everyday, but also able to identify a representational gap, an aesthetic politics, potentially useful for resistance to such practices normalising war in the everyday.

Varmt välkomna, ingen föranmälan behövs.

Forskningsseminariet arrangeras av Försvarshögskolans Security and War Research Group. Forskningsgruppen arrangerar seminarier med ledande internationella forskare inom säkerhetsstudier och krigsstudier.

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Datum: 22 maj 2019
Tid: 14.00—15.30
Plats: Försvarshögskolan, sal Gripen

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