Weapons effect and protection against weapons effect

How do you best protect yourself against the threat from a weapon? In order to answer this question, an understanding of the threat is required. In addition, you must understand what is to be protected. Then you can begin to examine what protection possibilities there are.

Protection can be designed on the basis of various principles. For example, it may consist of measures to remain unseen. The goal then is either to mislead the opponent or to create a reduced signature against any background. You can also protect yourself by countering the threat with your own weapons, or you can take measures to physically endure the threat. The best solution is often a combination of different principles of protection.

What the course leads to

The course will lead to a deeper understanding of the duel between weapons effect and protection. To develop good protection systems, you also need to understand how best to defeat them. The understanding developed will be based on scientific methods for evaluating both weapons and protection systems.

Course structure

The aim of the course is to provide the student with a deeper understanding of effect and protection from a defence system perspective. It deals with principles of protection in a broad perspective in accordance with models such as the survivability onion and the kill chain. Protection measures based on different protection principles are also dealt with. The threats from and effects of various military weapons systems are dealt with in order to provide the prerequisites for participation in capability development in the fields of weapons effect and protection. In addition, the operating principles of weapons effect delivery systems, e.g. barrel-based and missile systems, will be covered.

Teaching will be conducted through lectures, self-study, seminars and study visits.


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Degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering including a combined minimum of 15 HE credits inmechanics and solid mechanics at first-cycle level, or equivalent.

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