Student Records – Ladok

The Swedish Defence University uses a local data-based student registry, Ladok, which contains information about all students studying at the Swedish Defence University.

When you are admitted or are on the waiting list all the personal information you give in your application (personal identity number, name, address, qualifications etc.) is registered in Ladok. Information about registering for courses, study results, degrees and more are successively added.

This is done so the Swedish Defence University can document and administer your studies. Some of this information is transferred to Swedish Student Aid (CSN) and Statistics Sweden (SCB).

About Ladok

Ladok has a core common for all universities in Sweden but each university has their own local data base, not connected to the other universities. The Swedish Defence University's register contains only information about your studies at the Swedish Defence University.

Personal Data Act

According to the Personal Data Act, PuL (SFS 1998:204, with updates), everyone registered in the University's register has the right to be informed of what information about them has been stored. Apply for a printout in a letter signed by you personally.

The Personal Data Act's §28 states that you have the right to ask to correct, block or remove your personal information if it hasn't been handled correctly according to the law.