Ask Maiya

Maiya is a student at the Master’s Programme in Politics, Security and War and her specialization is war studies. You can use the questionnaire on this page to ask her your questions about what it is like to study at the programme and at the Swedish Defence University, SEDU.

Why did you choose to study at SEDU and why this master’s programme?

SEDU offers a unique opportunity for civilians to study war theories and strategies. Not many universities in Europe offer this opportunity to civilians. I’ve chosen this master’s programme because it provides a unique opportunity, where civilians and military personnel can study together, sharing experiences from both sides.

What is it like to study at SEDU?

SEDU’s community of international students is growing progressively, and therefore, as an international student I feel well integrated. SEDU has very good professors and a very wide range of sources available for studying, which provides the students with high quality assets for learning.

What are the best aspects of your programme?

The case scenarios! Under time-pressure, we need to apply our strategic knowledge to solve different dilemmas concerning different geopolitical scenarios. Both the political science and war science specializations are merged during this exercise.

What is it like to study and live in Sweden?

Sweden has been a very welcoming country. Stockholm offers a very international environment, where not only students from abroad reside, but also Swedish citizens who all speak English perfectly. For non-EU citizens, there are a lot of scholarship one can apply for. SEDU very kindly provided me with a scholarship during my studies.

During my first year, SEDU helped me with my accommodation, and living in the student environment is definitely a unique experience. Through SSSB, students are offered affordable prices for renting apartments. Moreover, SFI (which is a public institution) is a Swedish language school, where students can learn Swedish for free.

How is student life in Stockholm?

Stockholm municipality offers students a lot of possibilities to become acquainted with the city. Students can get many different discounts for any type of activity, from museums to cinemas. There is also a huge range of different sports one can take part in with special student discounts. Moreover, public transport is accessible with the student discount, and it is very comfortably connected to every part of the city center, as well as with its outskirts.

How would you describe your time at SEDU so far?

Being a second year student of the master’s programme, I can definitely say that studying at SEDU has been a very educational and fun time for me. I acquired a lot of knowledge in the master’s programme and I have also made some good connections with both students and professors.

What do you want to do after graduating?

I’m thinking of working for the European Commision in Brussels to apply my acquired knowledge in a policy-making domain.

What would you like to say to students thinking of choosing SEDU for their master’s studies?

I would like to point out the unique opportunity that SEDU gives to the civilians to study war studies. Moreover, studying with military personnel boosts your knowledge and opens up for different perceptions of the theories. The welcoming international community of the university is definitely a huge advantage. The high-level of professionalism of the professors together with wide range of available sources definitely makes SEDU a very special place.