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New centre for wargaming at the Swedish Defence University

On 15 March, the Centre for Wargaming was established at the Swedish Defence University. The virtual centre will coordinate and develop the wargaming-related activities at the university and be a hub for knowledge development and exchange of experience.

"By consolidating our activities in wargaming, we can create synergies and have a greater impact in this rapidly growing sector, both nationally and internationally," says Center Director Staffan Granberg.

Gaming as a pedagogical method

The Center for Wargaming aims to promote and facilitate the use of wargaming, among other things, by providing expertise and support to the educational programs at the Swedish Defence University, the Swedish Armed Forces, and the security sector.

"Games are by far the best way to visualize and analyze dynamic processes in antagonistic environments, and we have the opportunity to contribute to game-based learning and skill development in all these aspects," says Staffan Granberg.

Research on game usage

The center will also coordinate research on wargaming as a pedagogical method at the university and contribute to development and game design by providing increased knowledge about game usage concepts and the connection between design and learning.

"The research directly contributes to improving and developing pedagogical methods. The continuous feedback between research and practical application ensures that the education is of high quality," says Staffan Granberg.

The center also provides opportunities to develop existing research and other war gameing-related areas.

"As a central meeting place for research on game usage in the defense sector, we create opportunities to network and develop new research projects and collaborations. We will also be an environment for data collection on wargaming and make analog and digital games available for research."

Activities in brief

  • Support and develop war game-based education within civilian and military programs at the Swedish Defence University.
  • Organize war game-based commissioned education for the Swedish Armed Forces and the security sector, among others.
  • Coordinate interdisciplinary research on wargaming through seminars, conferences, and joint research projects.
  • Provide expert support on wargaming to the Swedish Armed Forces and the security sector.
  • Develop various types of war games for educational use and analysis.
  • Disseminate knowledge about the use of war games to the surrounding society.

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