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Defence, crisis management and security

Our researchers cover the military and civilian aspects of defence, crisis management and security. Their research ranges from security policy, civilian crisis management and leadership to war, defense and military operations.

The Swedish Defense University's research provides knowledge about security in international and national crises and wars. This includes research on what affects the possibilities to prevent and manage crises, conflicts and wars, and to establish security. The military and civilian aspects of defense, crisis management and security are studied, particularly the area of civil-military relations and cooperation.

We are a meeting place for the civilian and military spheres that brings together a wide range of experts, such as researchers of war studies, political science, historians, international lawyers, psychologists, and officers.

We house several subjects and specializations unique to Sweden in the field of defence, crisis management and security. There is ongoing research in our main subjects war studies, political science, leadership and comand & control, systems science for defence and security, military history, and law, focusing on operational law and international law.

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At the Swedish Defence University, basic research and applied research are conducted with great relevance to the societal security. The research covers both military and civilian aspects of...

Research projects

Here you can learn more about some of the ongoing research projects within different domains.

Commissioned research

A large part of the Swedish Defence University's research consists of commissioned research for the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) and the Ministry of Def...

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Meet some of our researchers

Do you want to learn more about our researchers and what we do at the Swedish Defence University? Here you will find interviews with some of the researchers at the Swedish Defence University...

Networks and cooperative efforts

The Swedish Defence University cooperates with several national and international higher education institutions, organisations and companies.

Doctoral studies

The Swedish Defence University has degree-awarding powers to issue doctoral degrees in the field of defence, crisis management, and security . So far, four doctoral programmes have been es...

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