Our research

At the Swedish Defence University, several types of research are conducted. Our expertise and analyses of societal security are often sought after by national and international organizations, government agencies and the media.

The academic research tradition at the Swedish Defence University (SEDU) is relatively young in relation to the university's 200-year history. In just the past ten years, the academisation process has seriously accelerated. The aim has been to more closely link SEDU’s research to the officers’ program and to international academic quality assurance standards.

The Swedish Defence University is now a civilian as much as a military university. Today there are about 20 professors, equally many university lecturers, and over 30 doctoral students and academic doctors at the SEDU.


At the Swedish Defence University, basic research and applied research are conducted with great relevance to the societal security. The research covers both military and civilian aspects of...

Marika Ericson

Doctoral studies at the Swedish Defence University

The research environment at the Swedish Defence University is both inspiring and challenging. In addition to individual consultation with your supervisor as a PhD student, you will have the...

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Our researchers

Here are the researchers and doctoral students at the Swedish Defence University sorted by subject of research.

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